Strandby-Elling IF

Club name Strandby-Elling IF
Shirt colors Pink / Pink / Black
Teams Boys 13, Girls 10, Girls 11, Girls 12, Girls 13, Girls 16 1, Girls 16 2
Country Denmark

47 games played


About Strandby-Elling IF

Strandby-Elling IF was one of 40 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Partille Cup 2019. They participated with 7 teams in Boys 13, Girls 10, Girls 11, Girls 12, Girls 13 and Girls 16 respectively. Two teams played until in Groups; Girls 16 1 won over Palestra sport by 17-9 but Girls 16 2 lost against Vöslauer HC by 0-10.

In addition to this, Strandby-Elling IF have participated in Partille Cup before. During Partille Cup 2018, Strandby-Elling had 10 teams playing in 10 out of Partille Cups all 25 categories. The team in Girls 13 made it to the the Final in A-Play-off, but lost it against AGF Håndbold 1 by 10-12.

Strandby-Elling comes from Strandby which lies approximately 100 km from Göteborg, where Partille Cup takes place. Other than Strandby-Elling IF, the club Saeby HK does also originate from the area around Strandby.

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