SS Tushino Moscow

Club name SS Tushino Moscow
Shirt colors Red / Red / Black
Teams Boys 10, Boys 11
Country Russia

17 games played


About SS Tushino Moscow

SS Tushino Moscow was one of 10 clubs from Russia that had teams playing during Partille Cup 2019. They participated with two teams in Boys 10 and Boys 11 respectively. The team in Boys 11 made it to the the 1/8 Final in A-Play-off, but lost it against RK Zagreb by 11-26.

In addition to this, SS Tushino Moscow have participated in Partille Cup before. During Partille Cup 2018, SS Tushino Moscow had two teams playing in Boys 14 and Girls 14 respectively. The team in Girls 14 made it to the the 1/8 Final in B-Play-off, but lost it against OV Helsingborg 1 by 11-12.

SS Tushino Moscow comes from Moscow which lies approximately 1600 km from Göteborg, where Partille Cup takes place. The area around Moscow does also provide four additional clubs participating during Partille Cup 2019 (Palestra sport, Moscow, Dvoretz and Fortuna).

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