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HC Dukla Prague

Club name HC Dukla Prague
Shirt colors Red / Yellow / Black
Teams Boys 11 1, Boys 11 2, Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 15 1, Boys 15 2, Boys 16, Boys 18
Country Czech Republic

56 games played


About HC Dukla Prague

HC Dukla Prague was one of three clubs from the Czech Republic that had teams playing during Partille Cup 2018. They participated with 8 teams in Boys 11, Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 15, Boys 16 and Boys 18 respectively. Three teams played until 1/4 Final in A-Play-off; Boys 11 1 lost against RK Zagreb by 11-17, Boys 12 lost against RK Rugvica by 14-20 and Boys 13 lost against Hörning Håndbold 1 by 9-15.

Dukla Prague comes from Na Julisce 28 which lies approximately 860 km from Göteborg, where Partille Cup takes place. Other than HC Dukla Prague, the club TJ Sokol Úvaly does also originate from the area around Na Julisce 28.

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