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Club name Herkules
Shirt colors Yellow / Green / Green
Teams Boys 11, Boys 13
Country Brazil

16 games played


About Herkules

Herkules was one of 8 clubs from Brazil that had teams playing during Partille Cup 2018. They participated with two teams in Boys 11 and Boys 13 respectively. Two teams played until 1/4 Final in A-Play-off; Boys 11 lost against OV Helsingborg 1 by 12-13 and Boys 13 lost against RK Maksimir Pastela by 7-17.

Herkules comes from SAO PAULO which lies approximately 11000 km from Göteborg, where Partille Cup takes place. The area around SAO PAULO does also provide 7 additional clubs participating during Partille Cup 2018 (SD Brasil, Pueri Domus, BRH, Go Hand Play, Villa Portare HC, CDC Santana and Recreio da Juventude).

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