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Hörning Håndbold

Club name Hörning Håndbold
Shirt colors Blue / Blue / Black
Teams Boys 11, Boys 13, Boys 14, Boys 15, Boys 21, Girls 13 1, Girls 13 2, Girls 15 1, Girls 15 2
Country Denmark

69 games played


About Hörning Håndbold

Hörning Håndbold was one of 40 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Partille Cup 2017. They participated with 9 teams in Boys 11, Boys 13, Boys 14, Boys 15, Boys 21, Girls 13 and Girls 15 respectively. Three teams played until Final in A-Play-off; Girls 13 1 won over Herning FH 1 by 14-10, Boys 13 lost against RK Maksimir Pastela by 10-11 and Boys 14 lost against RK Zagreb by 9-21.

In addition to this, Hörning Håndbold have participated in Partille Cup before. During Partille Cup 2016, Hörning had 10 teams playing in 9 out of Partille Cups all 19 categories. The team in Boys 11 made it to the the Final in A-Play-offand won it over TJ Dukla Praha by 12-11.

Hörning comes from Hørning which lies approximately 220 km from Göteborg, where Partille Cup takes place. The area around Hørning does also provide 7 additional clubs participating during Partille Cup 2017 (AGF Håndbold, Skanderborg HB, Team Favrskov Håndbold, Hjortshöj Egå IF, Stjaer BK, Brabrand IF and Hammel GF).

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